ARCN - Abacus Row x Christy Natsumi Holiday Edition


In the spring of 2015, I approached Christine of Abacus Row Jewelry.  I thought it would be fun to work on one necklace as a collaboration between our jewelry lines.  

What I did not foresee was the powerhouse that is Christine.  She is fearless and one of those amazing lady bosses that can take on challenges with both boldness and finesse.  Mixing our creative energies resulted in a full fledged collection we were both proud of and a sold-out production run of over 100 pieces, which included thousands of hand-hammered fringe components.  We cared for every detail, shot a gorgeous a look book, and even threw a super fun launch party.  And the best part?  We are even better friends after all of it.   

This year, we primarily focused on working full-time in each of our businesses.  However, with the approaching holidays and a pop-up curated by Christine scheduled for December, we decided to bring back ARCN.  This time we focused on variations of gold and silver tones.  Still hand-hammered fringe and individually-assembled pieces but in very limited quantities.  

2 - ARCN Abacus Row Christy Natsumi Jewelry San Francisco.jpg


Shop the collection online at or in person at Abacus Row's holiday curated pop-up, WITHIN, through December 23. Address: 678 Commercial Street, San Francisco. Store hours: Monday-Friday 11am-7pm / Saturday-Sunday 11am-5pm.

***ARCN is popping up at SEO Studios this weekend Dec 17-18 in Oakland - come shop the collection in person!***


Photography - Casey Fyfe

Talent - Taylor Horton

Makeup - Hayley Noel 

Apparel -  Legion and Gina Di Girolamo





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