Thinking of Spring

Anyone else feel like it was just winter?  And it’s already May!

I’ve been busy working on this pretty pair of earrings with spring appropriate and beautiful aquamarines.  I’ve also just finished my guest editorship at The Girl Who Knows last month and I wanted to share some of my spring themed articles I wrote for the site with you:

1.  My Picks for Spring Ready Eco Lip-Color, including lip color by my friend Elizabeth Street Cosmetics based right here in SF.

2.  Some of my thoughts on Spring Cleaning

3. A round-up of some of my favorite Japanese stationary finds.

4.  All things shimmery and golden, including the Christy Natsumi piercing eye stud.

5.  And finally not a spring-related article, but a lovely interview between Stephanie and I, including a few photos of me as a kid!

And while you are at The Girl Who Knows, do take some time to browse the rest of the site. Stephanie, the editor / founder of the site (and fellow hapa!) is an all around fantastic person and she has gathered some amazing ladies who have been writing incredibly heartfelt and helpful articles.

Happy Spring everyone!

Published on by Christy Natsumi.

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