Made By Survivors Awareness Day

Made by Survivors (MBS) is a nonprofit organization helping survivors of human trafficking and slavery rebuild their lives after rescue by offering job training, education, and assistance in building sustainable businesses of their own.  One of the training programs offered is in jewelry making.  Many of the jewelry designs are submitted by designers like me and crafted by survivors in MBS’s jewelry training centers.

Here’s the Circles of Life Pendant that I designed last year with the concept that we are all interconnected:


This year I was given another opportunity to contribute a pendant to MBS.  As I was sketching out new designs, I was reminded of MBS’s call to action: “Empowering women world wide to design their own bright future.”  I then realized that at its most fundamental level, the best way to ensure a future world full of empowered women (doesn’t that sound wonderful?), is for each and every one of us to strive to become an example of one in the present.  To me this means, not giving into beliefs set by others, breaking through old fears that keep us doubting our power, and to create our own version of success with love, passion, and kindness as guiding posts.  This is a commitment we all must make not only for our immediate daughters and female family, but for women globally.

So with this thought, I’d like to introduce this year’s new design, “Together in Heart.” Watch for its launch on MBS in 2014!


Please visit Made by Survivors and consider one of their many handmade products for the up coming holidays — they have a beautiful sari blanket that I have my eye on.  100% of the profits go directly to survivors.

Of course, as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments below.  What do you think it means to be an empowered woman today?

Published on by Christy Natsumi.

Christy Natsumi is a San Francisco CA based independent design studio that creates modern jewelry essentials. We aim to make wearable fine jewelry so you can effortlessly adorn your life with meaningful, subtle, and artful details. From single stud earrings, engagement and wedding rings, to commissioned designs, all of our jewelry is created with the hope that it will be lovingly worn for a lifetime and passed on as future heirlooms.