Thoughts on being Hapa and More

I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be a guest editor for The Girl Who Knows – a new site for all things sensory and soulful. I really believe in the site’s core message “living with all our senses,” and couldn’t help but say yes when the site’s founder – the amazing and insightful Stephanie – asked if I’d like to participate. Words aren’t my usual way of expressing myself in the world (you can usually find me hammering, filing, sawing at the jewelry bench), but exploring another creative medium is always a thrill. My tenure will last through the end of Jan 2015 and here are the two posts that went live this month:

My first post titled is titled “Feel like you never fit in.” Though it is based on my personal account of growing up in a multicultural home, I hope that it is relevant to anyone that has struggled to find a place they belong. While writing, I also found that my background deeply reflects the design work that I currently do. Have a read here.

The second is a fun post of my favorite non-toxic nail polishes for fall. Fresh colors are an easy way to add a new dimension to compliment your rings. Find the list here.

Writing long articles and posts aren’t usually the norm for me, but I’d love your feedback. Did they resonate? Where they helpful? What other topics would you like to see me cover? Post in the comments below or follow the conversation with me over on Facebook or Instagram.

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