What should I engrave in my wedding ring?

There is something powerful about a ring with a special engraving.   Even if your preferred style is a classic wedding band, having your beloved’s name and/or your feelings for them carved directly into metal gives it a tangible weight and significance.  As one of the few pieces of jewelry that you wear everyday and in such proximity to everything you touch, the addition of an engraving to your ring is a heartfelt way to express and recall your love beyond the day you say I do.

Scroll down for some ideas to consider for your ring engraving.

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Names, Initials, Dates

This is the most classic form of engravings.  Commonly the bride’s name is engraved into the groom’s ring and visa versa.  This plus the addition of the wedding date (in numbers or roman numerals) is a simple, yet great way to celebrate the day.  Other variants include initials of both partners on both rings (AB+CD or A+C or any similar combination that makes sense to both of you).

One word intentions

This option is especially great for those who have a small ring size or a ring that doesn’t have  much space for engraving (see practical considerations below).  Distilling your emotions down to a single word might be difficult, but the beauty of this engraving style is in it’s simplicity and purity.  Some words to consider:

  • Loved
  • Together
  • Infinity
  • Beloved
  • Yours
  • With you
  • I love you
  • I see you
  • My love
  • Yes
  • Boundless
  • You + me

Location and Numbers

A fun way to commemorate your wedding day maybe to place longitude and latitude coordinates of the location of your wedding.  It may also be other places of significance like the place you met, first traveled together, or where you got engaged.

A short phrase

Something that sums up the connection you share with your partner -- perhaps is it adventure, joyfulness, generosity, travel, a guiding theme or thought, a literary/music/movie reference?  It may require more brainstorming, but thinking about your unique relationship and the values you share will also be helpful in planning out and prioritizing the rest of your wedding.  

Connected Messages

If you got excited about a phrase but ran into difficulties fitting it into your ring, consider placing part of the saying on one ring and finishing it on another.  Not only will the inscription have meaning for you, but it will also symbolically joins the two rings.

Consider the rest of your wedding

If you are still drawing a blank as to what you might like to engrave, take a look at what you are doing for the rest of your wedding.  Perhaps you can pull some lyrics from the song you chose for your first dance, meaningful sayings you plan to have read during your ceremony, or a part of your vows.  

Religious and Spiritual sayings

Meaningful words from your religious or life beliefs that you share as a couple make great engraving options.  If you and your partner share a faith, it might be a good place to start your search.  

No wrong

It might be easy to get caught up in right or wrong, but really don’t be shy to think outside the box.  Jewelry style (and it’s engravings) are a reflection of the times.  Just for fun, have a quick read through some of the sincere inscriptions found in antique rings from centuries past.*   

  • Your sight, my delight
  • My heart you have and yours I crave
  • This and my heart
  • In thee I prove the joy of love
  • Body and mind in thee I find
  • This hath no end, my sweetest friend
  • As gold is pure, so love is sure
  • Let love increase
  • Our love be so, no ending know
  • In Thee I Finde Content of MInd

Practical Considerations

Ring size, Width, Style  

Wedding rings that are thin/delicate, have holes drilled through for stones, or are a very small ring size do not make the best candidates for engraving.  The jeweler you work with can let you know realistically how many words/letters can fit in your ring(s).

How does your ring fit?

It’s difficult to re-size a ring once the engravings are in.  It’ll save you and your jeweler extra hassle to make sure the fit is right before committing to an inscription.  If you have the time, it may be smart to test out wearing your rings before your wedding -- the best time to do so is at home in the evenings (when you are most likely to have swelled hands).  

Time Frame

Engravings are done as the very last step in completing a ring, so don’t wait to pick out rings because you haven’t decided on your inscriptions.  It is also usually something that can be done fairly quickly -- 1-2 weeks is a standard amount of time to put aside if you have any last minute inspiration before the big day.

Engraving Styles and Fonts

Most engravings today are done by machines.  Different machines have different fonts and your jeweler should be able to show you some samples.  On rare occasion you have the option to have the engravings done by hand by a master engraver (ie a human with a sharp chisel that can carve out letters inside your ring).  This is a highly technical skill, with graceful results akin to calligraphy in metal.  It is a beautiful option to take advantage of if it is available, but usually at least twice if not more in cost compared to it’s machine counterpart.

Budget concerns

Most jewelers charge for engraving based on the number of letters/characters.  While engraving costs won’t break the bank, if you’d like to have an engraving but are sticking to a budget, you might consider a single word, name, or date.

Most Christy Natsumi rings available on the website can be engraved with your message of choice.  Send us a note so we can make the perfect combination between your wedding band and your inscription.

*Sourced from Rings for the Finger, by George Frederick Kunz


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