Tour our Studio on Design Sponge

For the last year and a half, I've had the pleasure of sharing a jewelry studio in downtown San Francisco with Corey Egan and Sharon Zimmerman.  Not only do we share our tools in the studio, but we get to share our ups and downs and encourage each other in being women business owners.  Today we are excited to show a little inside peak into our studio space on a Life+Business feature on Design Sponge.  

From one perspective, we could see each other as competitors, but we fiercely believe that collaboration and generosity is where it's at.  Celebrating our success together is one of the best parts of working together.  Hop on over to Design Sponge and have a read through and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Published on by Christy Natsumi.

Christy Natsumi is a San Francisco CA based independent design studio that creates modern jewelry essentials. We aim to make wearable fine jewelry so you can effortlessly adorn your life with meaningful, subtle, and artful details. From single stud earrings, engagement and wedding rings, to commissioned designs, all of our jewelry is created with the hope that it will be lovingly worn for a lifetime and passed on as future heirlooms.